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How to Access Services

Any concerns about your child’s development should be discussed with your pediatrician. If concerns persist, ask your pediatrician for a referral to a developmental specialist. Contact Regional Center and request an assessment from them. Additionally, if your child is over age 3, contact your local school district and request an assessment.

Under Age 3

Once you have an assessment completed, for under three, you will be given a case worker within the regional center system. With your input, an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) will be completed that contains the area of need and goals for you child. You must request ABA services while your child is under age three from Regional Center. Your case worker will make the referral to our agency for an additional assessment to determine the number of hours that are appropriate. Once the assessment has been completed, Regional Center will approve or disapprove the services. Upon approval, services begin immediately.

Over Age 3

For children over the age of three, their educational needs become the responsibility of the local school district. However, the behavioral needs that you child has remain the responsibility of Regional Center. Once you are assigned a Service Coordinator via Regional Center, an Individual Program Plan (IPP) will be completed. This document will contain the goals for your child. Once developed, services are then recommended. If appropriate, Regional Center will then refer your child to us for an assessment and recommendations for services will be submitted. Services if approved will begin immediately.

The educational needs of your child become the responsibility of the school district when your child turns age three. Your child can access services via the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). This plan is developed by the entire IEP team and services are recommended and approved.

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