About Us

Our Mission

“Primarily focusing on children diagnosed with Autism from infancy to ten years of age, our highly trained staff is committed to providing every child with the most comprehensive educational program, given their unique and individual needs. Our staff, top down, uses a hands-on approach in the design of the program, its implementation and the direct supervision of every child. Using recognized techniques that are the most effective at treating children diagnosed with Autism, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), our commitment is unwavering.”

Agency History

B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. began its operations in San Diego County in 1998. B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. is a woman-owned and primarily woman-operated business with many mothers on staff. The ability for our staff to relate to the families receiving services has driven the company to grow and expand. In 2000 we grew to Orange County; in 2002 the Inland Regional Center; and shortly after to the Coachella Valley area. During 2005 our services expanded further through the Inland Regional Center to include most of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. B.E.S.T. Services’ staff truly feels the positive impact on the families lives to which we provide services, and this motivates us to continue to expand through California in the near future. We have expanded to providing services in Southeastern Virginia.

Why Choose B.E.S.T. Services, Inc.?

B.E.S.T Services, Inc. is unique for two critical reasons:

First is B.E.S.T.’s absolute commitment to services. Backed by research, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) can only be truly effective with a consistent delivery of service. It then follows that this approach should also apply to your child’s session schedule.

  • If a technician is unable to attend a session due to a last minute cancellation, that technician will then re-schedule the session for the upcoming Saturday.
  • If the technician goes on vacation, another technician or the case supervisor, if necessary, will work with your child in place of the technician.
  • If the technician or case supervisor is unavailable, another case supervisor will be or can be called on to fill in.

It is our commitment to not allow your child to go without services, even for the shortest period of time.

The second reason B.E.S.T. is unique is the depth of supervision each child and family receives. It is a three tiered approach:


REGISTERED BEHAVIOR TECHNICIAN (RBT): Your child works closely with their technicians on a weekly basis, face-to-face. Our technicians receive 40 hours of initial training with constant reviews and upgrades in training.


SENIOR RBT: B.E.S.T. has a very unique approach in that our Senior RBTs visit your child on a weekly basis to ensure that the intervention being provided by your assigned technicians is aligned with agency standards. Additionally, the Senior RBT can fill in when a staff member is on vacation. Most sessions with the Senior RBT are “unscheduled” supervision sessions so that we can get a picture of what is occurring in session without advanced notice to our staff of the observation. This helps to maintain a high level of quality within our programs.


CASE SUPERVISOR: Our Case Supervisors oversee your child’s program and supervise the technicians involved with your child. Instead of scheduling times they will be visiting your child, they arrive at your home “unscheduled” to get a true look at the program in action; this ensures a higher level of consistency for your child with each technician they work with. Case Supervisors also work hands on with your child when directly overseeing sessions or when assessing progress.

With this blanketed approach to your child’s program, we feel that B.E.S.T.’s staff has had a direct and professional attachment to your child’s program in such a way that encourages a vested interest as well as a sincere desire for your child to truly succeed.