Tricare Services

shutterstock_88037080Tricare provides ABA services to children of military personnel diagnosed with autism via the ECHO program. Each family must first be enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) prior to approval for the ECHO program. After the family has successfully completed admission into the ECHO program, the child will be able to access ABA services through the Autism Demonstration Project. This benefit provides not only the 1:1 ABA services but also supervision by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. The first step is to complete a with assessment to include the PDDBI and recommendations for services.

Any ABA agency that provides these services must be approved in advance by Tricare. Tricare is divided into four regions within the United States. B.E.S.T Services, Inc is approved to provide services within two of those regions, Triwest and Trieast, providing services in Southern California as well as the Southeastern Virginia areas.

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Additional information can be obtained by emailing Dr. Wilson at [email protected].