Behavior Management Consultation

Service Code: 620
Vendor Number: PQ0602

shutterstock_69607726-hcThis service code is divided into two different levels of service. Primarily, we provide intensive in-home behavior modification services to children, typically 6-10 hours per week. These services are similar to the services provided to our under age three clients. However, the goals are behaviorally based and work to increase a child’s response to directions and increase language based skills.

At the onset of the services, an assessment of behavioral needs is completed and goals are proposed with the input of parents, current IPP, and B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. Services follow the ABA format, working 1:1 with the child. Progress reports are written every six months with recommendations for the next six months of the intervention if appropriate.

The second level of service that Service Code 620 provides is the parent training component. There are families that require instruction regarding how to modify their child’s behavior. At this level, our consultants meet with the families about once per week to provide instruction regarding their child’s behavior. This service typically lasts for six months and each child receives approximately ten hours per month. Parents are educated on the tenets of behavior, uses of task analysis and principles of reinforcement. At the onset of the intervention, goals for the family are outlined and reported on at the end of the six month period.

How to Make a Referral?

In order to refer a family to B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. we will need a two week notice of the referral. A phone call should be placed to the main office to request services for a family. At that time a start date will be given and the family will be contacted by a B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. Case Supervisor. A 205 form should then be completed and faxed to the main office as well as any assessment and contact information. At times due to high levels of referrals in a certain area, we have to compile a waiting list. In the event of a waiting list, we will be able to give an approximate start date when the child is placed on the waiting list. A typical wait time is no more that 30 days.