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Services Provided to School Districts

B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. provides a variety of services to children requiring special services in both the classroom and home environment.

shutterstock_58171921Program Development

B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. has had the opportunity to assist several school districts in developing their own ABA school based programs. Typically, B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. assists in the initial set-up of a classroom and provides training to staff. Subsequently, the classroom is provided with ongoing weekly supervision. The supervision of the classroom is slowly faded. This supports the classroom teacher until s/he is able to independently supervise the program.

Classroom Management Techniques

Currently, Special Education Teachers deal with a variety of issues in their classrooms on a daily basis. B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. has the experience of developing management techniques specifically designed for classrooms to enhance the educational experience for all the children enrolled. B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. is able to define the strengths and weaknesses and assist the teachers and instructional aides in capitalizing on the classroom’s strengths to fortify the classrooms identified weaknesses. Strategies used are TEACCH, PECS and intensively structured schedules for the global milieu.

Educational Consultation

B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. is in the position to review and recommend changes in the existing programming for individual students to better meet the student’s current IEP goals. Each student, while working as part of the classroom may require individual programming to meet the goals set forth by the treatment team. With the input of the treatment team, B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. can aid in the development and implementation of a program design providing initial support to the classroom staff and follow-up training.

Behavioral Consultation

The modification of maladaptive behaviors within the classroom environment is an important skill in the effective management of the classroom. Through the use of basic operant instruction techniques, B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. operates in the capacity to provide ongoing instruction to classroom staff in developing appropriate behavior intervention plans.

Team Training

Training administered to classroom teachers and instructional aides is imperative to increase the success within the educational environment. Training designed for in-home workshops is available also. Our training programs are specifically designed to aid in the development of a positive working environment for the instructional aides and teachers to enhance the demanding experience of working with students with special needs.

Global Programming

B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. provides services to many local school districts providing both classroom and in-home intensive behavioral services. It is our goal for each child served to receive a comprehensive program, which allows for the integration of the skills needed in the classroom and home environments. The primary strategies used are all based on Applied Behavior Analysis.

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