Infant Development Program

shutterstock_96238937-hcService Code: 805
Vendor Number: HQ0108

These services are provided in-home on a daily basis. Children receiving this service range in the number of hours per week, based on the initial assessment. The number of hours is usually recommended by an initial assessment by either the Regional Center Staff or upon request we can make program intensity recommendations. We can complete an initial assessment with service recommendations upon request. As an agency, we use a variety of assessment tools. Typically, we use the

  1. Psycho-educational Profile, Revised (PEP-R), or
  2. Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS), or
  3. The Scales of Independent Behavior-Revised (SIB-R), or
  4. The Brigance Diagnostic Inventory of Early Development- Revised, or
  5. The Hawaii Early Learning Profile (HELP).

We use the assessment devices as pre and post treatment measures of success as well as tools to guide in goal and program development.

B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. provides the staff and supervision for the program. Additionally, parental participation is expected and in most cases the entire team meets twice per month to review the child’s progress.

B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. assists with the transition to the child’s school district at 2 years and 9 months by completing a Summary of Progress which includes proposed IEP goals and assisting in the IEP process.

How to Make a Referral?

In order to refer a family to B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. we will need a two week notice of the referral. A phone call should be placed to the main office to request services for a family. At that time a start date will be given and the family will be contacted by a B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. Case Supervisor. A 205 form should then be completed and faxed to the main office as well as any assessment and contact information. We have the ability to start infant programs immediately upon approval.