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Services Provided to Regional Centers

B.E.S.T. Services, Inc. provides a range of services from early start intensive in-home services to over age three intensive services and parents consultation.

Services follow the Applied Behavior Analysis tenets of learning.

Applied Behavior Analysis is an empirically supported intervention for children diagnosed with Autism. Our A.B.A. program follows the Discrete Trial Training format and curriculum. Discrete Trial Training is a 1:1 structured intervention. Sessions occur in the child’s home for approximately two hours each. During sessions, the child works for short periods of time at the table targeting specific tasks. When the task is complete the child then works on play skills on the floor. The entire session is facilitated by a trained Tutor and supervised weekly by the Case Supervisor.

californiaThe following are the services we provide via Regional Center:

Infant Development Program

Service Code: 805
Vendor Number: HQ0108
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Behavior Management Consultation

Service Code: 620
Vendor Number PQ0602
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B.E.S.T. Friends Social Group

Service Code: 605
Vendor Number: PJ3242
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Group Parent Training

Service Code: 102
Vendor Number: PQ8159
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